Car with Built-in Quadcopter

Car with Built-in Qu...


Renault has unveiled the 'KWID concept' at the Delhi auto show, a concept car featuring a built-in drone quadcopter.

Neurocam Headset

Neurocam Headset...


The "neurocam" is a wearable camera system that detects your emotions.

Aquila: Electric Powered Motor Board

Aquila: Electric Pow...


Spanish firm Aquila is planning to launch a new range of electric-powered boards, each designed for different surfing styles.

ODIN: Smart Projector

ODIN: Smart Projecto...


ODIN is the first Android 'Smart' projector that directly projects online content from a compact, battery-operated device

?Cliris, Hightech Eyewear Cleaner

?Cliris, Hightech Ey...


Cliris is the unique automatic hightech eyewear cleaner. Your glasses are cleaned, disinfected, anti-fog treated & dried in 4 minutes.

Hoverboard in Real Life

Hoverboard in Real L...


You might not be able to get a hoverboard that goes on land just yet, but you can get one that glides across water

Magnetic Levitation Device

Magnetic Levitation ...


The Crealev Levitation Modules allow objects to magically float in the air.

The Edible Mist Machine

The Edible Mist Mach...


Using ultrasonic vaporisation, the Edible Mist Machines produce a floating cloud of micro mist which you suck up through a straw.




Movpak is an electric skateboard-like EV that fits into a backpack, and still leaves some room for carrying stuff.

Aero-X Hoverbike

Aero-X Hoverbike...


Where you’re going, there are no roads. That’s why you need the Aero-X, a vehicle that makes low-altitude flight realistic and affordable.

The Drinkable Book

The Drinkable Book...


A team of American scientists and designers have collaborated to create the drinkable book

The Forever Lock

The Forever Lock...


A video has appeared on YouTube showing a new bike lock, called the Forever Lock, that is apparently unpickable.

Lytro’s Illum

Lytro’s Illum...


More than two years after the debut of the company's first camera, Lytro has come back with its new camera, the Illum

Space Hotel

Space Hotel...


Russia are planning to build a hotel in orbit 217 miles up which would house seven guests in four cabins

Shapeshifting Furniture

Shapeshifting Furnit...


MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group's TRANSFORM is a three-dimensional interface that reacts to movement and emotion.