Space Hotel

Space Hotel...


Russia are planning to build a hotel in orbit 217 miles up which would house seven guests in four cabins

Shapeshifting Furniture

Shapeshifting Furnit...


MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group's TRANSFORM is a three-dimensional interface that reacts to movement and emotion.

Cute Robot SD Card

Cute Robot SD Card...


Memory cards, they're robots in disguise! At least, they are in this video which shows a microSD card that doesn’t just store

Mi.Mu Glove for Music

Mi.Mu Glove for Musi...


Imogen Heap's state-of-the-art wearable tech lets you control sounds with your hands.

Run An Empire

Run An Empire...


A smartphone game where you compete against others to capture territory in your local environment.

The Big Turtle Shell®

The Big Turtle Shell...


The Big Turtle Shell® is a rugged wireless Bluetooth speaker built for a life of action.

Rescape: AR Game Engine

Rescape: AR Game Eng...


It’s not augmented reality or virtual reality, it’s “reality gaming.”

Android Smartwatch Moto 360

Android Smartwatch M...


It’s time for a watch that looks and feels great and gives you the information you need, when you need it.

A Shapeshifting Smartphone

A Shapeshifting Smar...


Paddle is a flexible device that can be transformed from a compact phone to a tablet or game controller.

Apple Rolls Out CarPlay

Apple Rolls Out CarP...


At the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, Apple unveiled CarPlay, a fully integrated iOS system for using iPhone in the car.

Google’s Project Tango

Google’s Proje...


Google has revealed a cell phone with a built in 3D scanner that could revolutionise navigation.

OneWheel Electric Skateboard

OneWheel Electric Sk...


Onewheel: the self-balancing electric skateboard that gives you the feeling of flying.

360Fly – Panoramic Camera

360Fly – Panor...


The 360fly could quite possibly be the world's untimate 'selfie' camera, lets hope that doesn't happen anytime soon.

Smarty Ring

Smarty Ring...


Did you know that most mobile users look at their phones every 6 minutes or so? That's 150 times a day! Smarty Ring saves you ...

iPhone Space Pack

iPhone Space Pack...


The mophie space pack is coming, and it's the sort of product that had us thinking, "This is so obvious.......