Thermaltake Level 10 Mouse

Thermaltake Level 10 Mouse

Posted On: January 19, 2012
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Thermaltake has a new Level 10 product and it’s just as avant-garde as its Level 10 case.

Like the radical case, the Level 10 M Mouse is created jointly with BMW’s design consultancy, DesignworksUSA.

It is the first of a new series of gaming peripherals from this collaboration and it will be launched early this year.

Judging from the images that have been released, its open design–with a perforated surface that allows some ventilation for those with sweaty palms–is unlike any mouse we have seen.

Its main selling point is that users can adjust the height and the angle of the mouse body by turning a screw.

At first glance, it reminds us of the Cyborg R.A.T gaming mouse, which is extremely customizable, though the Level 10 M Mouse is perhaps less intimidating for first-time users.

There isn’t a release date or price just yet, but we’ll be keeping a lookout for this unique mouse.