The Emperor 200 Workstation

The Emperor 200 Workstation

Posted On: February 1, 2012
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The MWE Emperor 200 may be labelled a “workstation”, but don’t let that fool you. It’s being demoed using video games for a reason: this is not for work. It’s for playing video games. In the future.

Note I did not say it was practical. Where you can put a desk and a chair you can do all of what the Emperor 200 is doing for a fraction of the cost (it goes for $45,000).

But chances are your humble desk and chair setup does not have an “ergonomic leather seating unit”, three touch-screen monitors (each a 24? LED display), motorised screen and chair adjustments, LED lighting and THX surround sound system. It even has an air filtration system, supposedly in case you smoke. Or just fart a lot.

At that price it’s aimed squarely at the ultra-rich, sure, but the rest of us can dream, right?