Zapta Racing’s Flyboard.

Zapta Racing’s Flyboard.

Posted On: August 17, 2012
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Looking for your very own Marty McFly hoverboard? Of course you are – But you might have a while to wait. Luckily though, there are several close approximations. The best so far is the creation of Zapta Racing and looks like a whole lot of fun.

Here’s the blurb from their site;

ZAPATA RACING® started to develop the Flyboard® during Spring 2011.

Our strength is our experience in racing jet skis and all the prototypes we made in a record time.

(FZ 950 developed and produced in 6 months, MZR V8 was developed and started his first international races in 3 months and MZR V6 was developed and started to run in 2 months).

Everything went very fast.

After several prototypes we finally succeeded to get out of water and stabilize in the air thanks to our under feet propulsion and the hand stabilization.

Then, we worked during one month in improving the flight intuitivity, we patented in INPI and introduced the Flyboard® during the World Championship in China.

We posted a video on Youtube which was visited more than 2,5 million times in 15 days, many TV rebroadcasts were scheduled and many shows are organized in the more prestigious areas like Las Vegas…

Our jobs consists in doing in a few days what our competitors do in one year.

and here’s another video for you to enjoy: