The Big Turtle Shell®

The Big Turtle Shell®

Posted On: April 3, 2014
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The Big Turtle Shell® is a rugged wireless Bluetooth speaker built for a life of action. Water resistant and durable with a huge sound.

Your boombox just got re-invented. We’ve created a rugged, shock proof, water resistant bluetooth speaker with a huge battery that doubles as a PowerBank. The Big Turtle Shell® Bluetooth speaker will give you the best wireless audio experience in any setting; from the beach to the pool party, the campfire to the backyard BBQ, The Big Turtle Shell® can handle it all with style and ease (otherwise known as Steez, according to Urban Dictionary).


The Big Turtle Shell® provides a full wireless audio experience. Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the Big Turtle Shell® wirelessly connects with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to bring you 110 decibels of auditory bliss. It streams crystal clear audio from a range of over 30 feet and will play for 16 hours on a single battery charge.

The Big Turtle Shell® is capable of 360° omnidirectional sound when laying down. You can also place the Big Turtle Shell® on its side for directional sound not unlike other traditional brick shaped speakers.

Your Big Turtle Shell® is built with a powerful and rugged housing so you no longer have to be afraid of taking your speaker off of your coffee table and into the wild. The Big Turtle Shell® was built for the wild, it’s begging you to take it to the extreme corners of the world, but it will settle for your bi-weekly shower jam session if that’s the best you can throw at it.

The same great water and dust resistance as the original Turtle Shell® – IPX6 – means that you can take the Big Turtle Shell® everywhere without having to worry about it getting ruined by the elements.

Made for a life on the go – the Big Turtle Shell® is easy to handle, mount, pack, and take with you. 7800 milliamps of battery power (more than 3x that of the Big Jambox) gives the Big Turtle Shell® the capability to charge external devices through it’s power bank via the USB port. It will charge your iPhone 4 times, your Samsung Galaxy 3 times and your power thirsty GoPro 6 times!