Glyph: A Mobile Theater

Glyph: A Mobile Theater

Posted On: October 4, 2014
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Experience stark, vivid images like nothing you’ve ever seen combined with premium audio in a unique flip down form factor.

Introducing the Avegant Glyph

Since the beginning of personal display technology, screens have been getting smaller and closer to our eyes but with one limitation: image quality. At Avegant we’ve solved that problem using a new technology that mimics the way that we as humans naturally see light. Using a Virtual Retinal Display we’ve figured out how to project images directly onto your retina, creating sharp, stark images unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Over the past two years we’ve worked to miniaturize the technology to fit into a portable headset good for mobile or home use. The product of our work is the Glyph. Combining a unique flip-down form factor, super sharp imagery and premium noise-cancelling audio, we created a device that is a revolution in personal display technology.

The Glyph uses a simple HDMI input to display anything in your content library, from the movies that you already own to streamed Netflix over your iPhone to the desktop environment in your Mac or PC. The Glyph is also great for gaming, whether in playing Call of Duty Ghosts on your Playstation or Real Racing on your mobile phone. And with an integrated 9 Degree of Freedom head-tracker, a whole world of interactive gaming, Point of View (PoV) imaging and interactive storytelling is within our reach.

And this is just the beginning. The future of content possible with the Glyph is limitless. Imagine directors being able to produce 360° movies where you can not only watch actors interact in a cafe but look around the environment as the story unfolds around you. Imagine integrating an LTE chip into the Glyph and making calls straight from your headset. Imagine integrating a camera on the front of the visor and clicking a button to see not just the world in front of you but ultraviolet and infrared signatures in real time.

What is a Virtual Retinal Display?

The Glyph’s Virtual Retinal Display uses one million micromirrors in each eye piece to reflect a sharp, vivid and lifelike image directly onto the back of your retina. It’s an advanced, safe and innovative process that results in extremely comfortable light yielding very little eyestrain. Users of the Glyph prototypes have worn devices comfortably for hours with no nausea or disorientation when transitioning back to normal vision.

Tech Specs


Weight: 16oz
Color: White, Black or Blue

Display Technology: Micromirror Array
Resolution: WXGA (1280 x 720) per eye
Contrast Ratio: >1000:1
Total pixels: 1,843,200
Refresh Rate: up to 120 Hz
Horizontal Field of View: 45°

Sound Output Mode: Premium Stereo
Frequency Response: 20 – 20000 Hz
Dynamic Range: 115 dB
Microphone: Built-in
Connectivity: wired over HDMI or TRRS audio cable

IPD Adjustment: Yes 50-75mm
Diopter Adjustment: +2 to -6
Headtracking: 9 DOF IMU output via Bluetooth or hardwired
Head strap: Optional head strap included

Video: Single HDMI connection
Power: microUSB
Audio: 3.5mm TRRS jack (stereo-plus-mic)

Power/recharge via microUSB cable
Onboard battery provides 3 hour runtime