Ubi – The Ubiquitous Computer

Ubi – The Ubiquitous Computer

Posted On: October 17, 2014
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The Ubi is a WiFi connected, voice operated computer that allows for handsfree voice interaction in your home. It runs Android to take your commands and turn them into action. The Ubi uses the latest in voice recognition, speech triggering, natural language understanding, and speech synthesis to provide you with a unique interaction with the world around you.

The Ubi gets smarter over time. It’s able to better understand you – up to 8 ft away – and can be used to send messages to contacts, look up information, play music, control devices, and can be used to get information relayed to you without you needing to go to your phone or computer.

People want to do things when they’re at home – they clean, they fold laundry, they cook, they eat, they spend time with loved ones. These are all things that (for the most part) take up use of our arms and hands. When we’re at home, we’d rather use our limbs for other activities than typing, scrolling, or swiping.

Ubi is short for ubiquitous computer because it’s always on, always listening, always ready to help. It can scribe, listen, analyze. Ubi will either talk back to you the information you seek or indicate information through multi-color lights.

Ubi listens to its environment and senses it through sound, temperature, light, pressure, and humidity. It can record this information or use it to trigger events and communication.

You place the Ubi close to wherever you hang out the most at home to stay in touch and control it by voice using many different devices and services, e.g. Nest, IFTTT, and SmartThings.

How is the Ubi different than Siri or Google Now?

- You can teach your Ubi and it will learn
- Works both in your home and on your phone
- The whole family can use it
- Control dozens of Internet connected devices
- Get important alerts and updates in your home
- You can talk to it when your phone’s in your pocket
- Stream nearly any song or artist, just by asking
- Use your Ubi’s sensors to get data on your home.

How it works

Ubi plugs into a wall outlet and accesses the Internet through a wifi connection. It has a microphone and speakers and listens for commands. Saying “Ubi” wakes up the Ubi for receiving verbal commands. You can then instruct the Ubi to do your bidding. Ubi will receive plain language commands. Ubi communicates back to you through speech or by using lights.

Onboard the Ubi are sensors to monitor your environment:

Air pressure
Ambient light
This data can be stored online or used to trigger alerts to your mobile device or email.

The Ubi runs Android with a powerful processor to perform voice recognition and also has the ability to connect to other devices. You can plug in speakers, USB drives, or connect through Bluetooth directly to your iPhone or Android device. For developers, you can also communicate with potentially thousands of devices (through RF, wifi, or Bluetooth) and we’re making the device open so peripherals and other applications can be used with it.