VR Home Gym

VR Home Gym

Posted On: June 5, 2015
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Designed by Johannes Scholl and CEO Michael Schmidt, the HYVE Icaros home gym works with a virtual reality headset , that can imitate flying, roller coasters, and other planets all while burning calories and toning muscles.

“The first design model was developed on the basis of VR in 2012, because we thought this was the only real deal,” describes senior innovation designer at Hyve, Johannes Scholl. “Destiny then was on our side when a VR boom started with oculus rift a few months later. We could then work on making our concept become reality.”

The design works on user balance alone, with no hydraulics or motors, and all the movement in pitch and roll axis are detected by smartphone accelerometers, that send user’s data into the virtual world, which was created by HYVE’s companion animation studio, Lumacode.

The combination movement and visual cues, convincingly fools the brain into believing the virtual scenarios. Initially the Icaros was very complex with advanced exo-skeleton electronics, yet to focus on consumer availability the entire construction needed rethinking, with a final result looking like their working prototype.

“The huge advantage of our system is that the information of your visual sense, coming from the VR headset, is in line with the other senses,” he continues. The simple design works on balance alone, with accelerometers sending your movements within the machine into the virtual world, effectively tricking your brain into beliving the virtual scenarios designed by HYVE’s companion animation studio, Lumacode. “When you are doing a steep descent in VR you are also doing it in reality, blood rushes into your head and you are sucked into the virtual environment. This enables people to stay in virtual worlds longer, without getting ‘simulator sick.’”

With a battery of concepts, trial runs, interviews with bodybuilders, and focus groups ongoing since 2012, HYVE’s marriage of a guilty pleasure with a guilty failure of willpower is finally ready to begin crowdfunding this coming summer.