Graava Mobile Camera

Graava Mobile Camera

Posted On: August 14, 2015
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There are a lot of mobile cameras out there right now. Graava does things differently by using embedded sensors (location, speed, acceleration, rotation) and to record movement and acceleration information that enables auto editing of the videos.

The way it works is, after returning from a day recording videos, the camera pairs up with the app on the smartphone, and tells the camera what exactly the film should look like; – for example, summarize a three hour video into a two minute clip.

Employing wifi connectivity, it automatically synchronizes the edited video to its servers where it’ll be ready to share across numerous social medias.

Graava uses its AI algorithms and sensory data recorded by the camera to automatically pick the best scenes from the raw footage.

It can record in full HD, with an option of hyperlapse scenes in 4k resolution, while being able to withstand splashes, dust, and rain. The graava camera was spawned by bruno gregory in 2013, and with the rest of his team, plan to build upon this technology to provide the best user experience by identifying and sharing the best moments of people’s lives.