Robohon — A Robot Smartphone

Robohon — A Robot Smartphone

Posted On: October 15, 2015
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Japanese electronics company Sharp has launched a very different type of phone. The Robohon is actually a robot with smartphone functionality. As awkward as the name is, the robot can be held up next to the user’s ear just like any other phone.

Designed to play different roles, the 390 gram Robohon can wave cheerfully when an alarm goes off, it can remind its user to buy more toothpaste and its jointed waist can bend over show photos on any surface.

Interaction is mainly done through voice controls, but it is equipped with a touchscreen on its back. Robohon also uses facial recognition to tell individual people to smile for the camera.

Robohon has a 2-inch screen, 320 x 240 pixel resolution, and Snapdragon 400 chip. And you might look weird holding a robot up to your ear and speaking into it, but being treated like a social outcast will be small price to pay, because owning Robohon will be like living in the future.

The Sharp Robohon is launching next year in japan.