Posted On: October 22, 2015
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HiddenHUB is the only sound system that adapts the audio to the shape of your room. The HiddenHUB is the first truly smart speaker. It does things no other speaker system can do; it detects when you’re home, adapts the audio to the shape of your room, and surrounds you in the most immersive sound experience.

The HiddenHUB is always thinking and always on the job; it brings the concert hall to your living room. With its intelligent sensors and proprietary logic board, the HiddenHUB analyzes a room’s layout and dynamically adjusts its audio profile to fit that space. It distributes the frequencies and individually regulates each driver’s power in order to evenly fill every corner of the room with rich sound. This means no more dead spots; no matter where you are in a room, you will always experience the perfect audio set up.

Wireless technology performance differs, especially in terms of audio. Depending on your needs, some will work better than others. For example, Bluetooth is great for portable devices, since it consumes very little power; these devices can have a pretty good playtime while running on a relatively small battery. While this is great for portable speakers, up to 90% of the music information is lost when compressing the audio files so that they can be handled wirelessly via Bluetooth. The HiddenHUB uses Wi-Fi audio protocols to transfer 100% of the audio information and deliver full, lossless, CD-quality music every time. That, combined with the HiddenHUB’s cutting edge acoustic design and adaptive sound technology, means you have the ultimate smart speaker.

Natively compatible with all mainstream technologies, the HiddenHUB will allow you to set up multiple speakers around the house to create a true MultiRoom experience. There is no need for bridges or complicated apps; it works natively in AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi network, the HiddenHUB will create its own 5GHz Wi-Fi audio streaming network with the press of a button. Play the same music across all speakers or different songs in each room from local devices.

The HiddenHUB is built with the most cutting edge technology available. With a glass fiber, reinforced polymer endoskeleton, it has the most adamant structure possible to ensure crystal clear delivery of even the most powerful bass. Armed with four High Definition drivers and a heavy-duty, powerful, neodymium subwoofer, the HiddenHUB has an amazing frequency response and full sonic range. Its outstanding, distortion-free, feel-in-your-chest bass response is perfectly balanced with the crispiest highs to give you a full sonic experience just as the artist intended.