suitX Exoskeleton

suitX Exoskeleton

Posted On: February 11, 2016
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SuitX employs advanced robotics into viable exoskeletons to help ease mobility disorders. The Phoenix exoskeleton by suitX is one of the world’s lightest and most advanced wearable robotic uniforms designed to help people with mobility disorders to be upright and moving. In the clinic, at home or at the workplace, suitX has successfully enabled many individuals to stand up, and walk about.

The modular exoskeleton allows users to independently put on or remove each piece with basic tools. It is fully adjustable for different sized bodies and can be easily configured to fit any individual condition.

Weighing only 12.25 kilograms, the Phoenix can reach speeds of 0.5 m/s, but always depends on the individual user.

The wearable robot is adjustable according to size and can be put on and removed piece by piece. Its battery can power four hours of continuous walking (at a max speed of 1.1 mph) and up to eight hours of intermittent movement. Best of all, the Phoenix weighs only 27 pounds and costs $40,000.

Now, 40k is nothing to sneeze at, but its competitors cost much, much more than that. ReWalk, the most familiar one, will set you back $77,000. Even Ekso Bionics, which was also founded by suitX CEO Dr. Homayoon Kazerooni, sold exoskeletons for over $100,000 apiece.

Dr. Kazerooni was involved in many other exoskeleton projects in the past, but he and some graduate students “started suitX out of [their] passion to develop low-cost consumer bionic products to improve the quality of life for people around the world.” suitX is now accepting pre-orders and aiming to ship out the first units in March.