Volata Smart Bicycle

Volata Smart Bicycle

Posted On: July 28, 2016
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Volata is the ultimate evolution of the bicycle and the first in its category. It’s the complete bike — designed for sport and utility with an advanced electronics “brain” that delivers smart digital features to give you a one-of-a-kind biking experience. Plus, its maintenance-free components provide a hassle-free ride.

Volata lets you do more than a typical bicycle. You can check all your riding metrics at a glance right on your handlebar: fitness info, weather alerts, directions, smartphone notifications, and more. With automated lights and a built-in horn, you can ride a little easier, while the GPS locator feature lets you know where your Volata is at all times.

Volata is a perfectly-balanced bike for your everyday ride. It will be your smoothest and quietest ride ever, thanks to the belt drive transmission paired with a Shimano Alfine Di2 with electronic shifting. You’ll be surprised by its performance and versatility. The perfect balance between sport and utility.

Volata is specifically designed for speed, efficiency, and ease of use. We’ve combined the performance of a road bike with the versatility of a gravel bike, and added an advanced, maintenance-free transmission. It’s the ultimate, all-in-one bike.

Volata’s carbon fiber fork, with dual front lights built in, is inspired by gravel bikes to allow for wider tires and enough strength to take you everywhere, no matter how rough the road is.

Belt-drive plus internal-gear hub transmissions are incredibly quiet, durable, more efficient than chains, and require zero maintenance. With the Shimano Alfine 11 internal-gear hub with Di2 electronic shifting, you can now forget about rust, oil, gear noise, and dirty pants.

Riders interact with the bike through a 2.4-inch LCD TFT display embedded in the aluminum stem. It’s controlled by a joystick sitting atop the righthand handlebar grip to allow input while keeping hands on the handlebar and eyes on the road. When paired with a smartphone, the centrally-located screen can display information about weather, navigation, heart rate and music, as well as passing on any incoming notifications.

And riders don’t have to worry about using that little screen to turn the lights on. Just like the Cyclotron, there’s a sensor to handle that task.

The smartphone app that works in tandem with the little on-bike display is also designed to provide more in-depth information after a ride. It allows access to distance and energy measurements, information on the state of the inbuilt battery, and can flash the lights and honk the horn remotely. There’s also GPS tracking built in if thieves manage to make off with your pricey new bike.

To reduce the chances on this, a motion-detecting alarm system sends a notification to the app when it detects someone trying to steal it. All these systems – the front and rear lights, trip computer, horn and GPS tracker – are powered by an integrated battery pack, charged through a dynamo on the front wheel.

At the moment, the bike can be configured in terms of color, size and saddle choice through the Volata website, where a US$299 deposit is all that’s required to reserve a bike – although you’ll be up for $3,499 when it’s actually built.