SNES Micro

SNES Micro

Posted On: September 13, 2016
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YouTuber Hugo Doris has created a Micro Super Nintendo using just a Raspberry Pi Zero, a USB hub and clay.

Dorison Hugo (aka Lyberty5) has meticulously assembled together an emulator for the SNES that rivals nintendo’s upcoming micro-NES for cuteness.

In fact, Doris’ dainty SNES is even smaller than one of the original system’s controllers. For his build, Dorison assembled two halves of a little case from sheet plastic, which both together have about the size of the components that will go inside the sculpture: a Raspberry Pi Zero and a USB hub.

He then moulded clay on the outside of the two halves, using them as a scaffold for the actual case. After some more modeling, the lump started to take on the shape of a tiny SNES console, with the original proportions and tiny details carefully sculpted into the clay.

You might not be able to play Pokémon Go on it like you will be able to on the new Apple Watch, but they certainly do share the same scale.

After a little craftsmanship and a lot of work with pliers, glue, and tiny screws, the tiny device was connected to a system and being put to full use.

Dorison actually took the time to hand craft the mini console when anyone could have easily download an alternative in seconds, but credit is certainly due for a unique project that could fetch an attractive offer on eBay from a member of the gaming community.