Altruis Designer Wearable

Altruis Designer Wearable

Posted On: September 23, 2016
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Keep your smartphone out of sight, out of mind and focus on real life. Your Bluetooth-enabled ALTRUIS ring, necklace or bracelet will alert you about the important things by sending you subtle vibrations.

London-based company vinaya introduces ‘Altruis’, designer wearable technology that enables wearers to stay present in the moment and improve relationships with smartphones.

‘Altruis’ is a collection of smart jewelry that helps you find the middle ground between ‘connected’ and ‘disconnected’. By allowing users to remove themselves from the distractions of the smartphone, they can focus on the people and things that truly matter.

The bluetooth-enabled rings, bracelets and necklaces subtly alert their wearer by way of discrete vibrations. The jewelry pairs with the ‘Altruis iOS app‘ that lets the user prioritize which emails, messages, and calls truly deserve their attention throughout the day.

By filtering notifications, users can remain partially-connected to your digital life, whilst keeping attention-seeking smartphones out of sight, out of mind.

This product line is designed for the hyper-connected who wish to become more mindful about how they interact with technology. With altruis, users can learn to better understand their digital habits and find more balance in life.

Altruis is the premier product line by vinaya, a London-based research and design house creating lifestyle-enhancing technology products. rooted in scandinavian, minimalistic design and fused with human-centric innovation principles, this product encourages the use of technology that makes us more human, rather than less.