Nemen LED Jacket

Nemen LED Jacket...


The Nemen L.E.D. Jacket is an experimental project that researches textiles development and functionality in sportswear garments.




The EYEteleporter // Fluxus mask that displaces your eyesight and tweak to your vision and body image.

Wearable Camera Drone

Wearable Camera Dron...


Intel has been holding a Make It Wearable (MIW) Challenge to encourage people to come up with innovative wearable devices.

1967 Lamborghini Marzal

1967 Lamborghini Mar...


The Lamborghini Marzal is a concept car unveiled by Lamborghini at the 1967 Geneva Motor Show.

Samsung SSD 850 PRO

Samsung SSD 850 PRO...


Introducing Victo the robot, powered by SSD 850 PRO with 3D V-NAND, the first SSD available to the consumer that uses

Laser Knife

Laser Knife...


If you're imagining the toasting bread knife from Hitchhikers Guide then i've some bad news; this isn't a lightsaber.

Hoverboard in Real Life

Hoverboard in Real L...


You might not be able to get a hoverboard that goes on land just yet, but you can get one that glides across water

Magnetic Levitation Device

Magnetic Levitation ...


The Crealev Levitation Modules allow objects to magically float in the air.

The Edible Mist Machine

The Edible Mist Mach...


Using ultrasonic vaporisation, the Edible Mist Machines produce a floating cloud of micro mist which you suck up through a straw.

The Drinkable Book

The Drinkable Book...


A team of American scientists and designers have collaborated to create the drinkable book

The Forever Lock

The Forever Lock...


A video has appeared on YouTube showing a new bike lock, called the Forever Lock, that is apparently unpickable.

Shapeshifting Furniture

Shapeshifting Furnit...


MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group's TRANSFORM is a three-dimensional interface that reacts to movement and emotion.

Rescape: AR Game Engine

Rescape: AR Game Eng...


It’s not augmented reality or virtual reality, it’s “reality gaming.”

Smarty Ring

Smarty Ring...


Did you know that most mobile users look at their phones every 6 minutes or so? That's 150 times a day! Smarty Ring saves you ...

Tactical Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter

Tactical Laser-Guide...


Ok, so using an actual laser to cut your pizza may still be a while off....BUT! - You know what this world needs?