70-inch Multitouch Table

70-inch Multitouch Table

If Microsoft’s Surface computing platform sounded cool then you will love this 70 inch multitouch table concept by Hyundai IT.

And why wouldn’t, since at 70 inches in diameter this is the largest multitouch table that I know off, Hyundai saying this will also work as a Full HD television set, although they haven’t shared with us whether the table would come with some sort of tilting mechanism or if we should find a way to suspend ourselves from the ceiling in order to watch TV.

Anyway, this is where all the info regarding this thing stop so we can only guess if Hyundai plans on selling this as a stand alone solution or if it will require you to buy a computer in order to make it work.

You are just left with wondering how cool could this thing be, provided it will be available for purchase at some point in time.

While there’s no specs — apart from the fact that it’s “HD” — Hyundai is apparently saying that you’d be able to use the display either as a Surface-like multitouch table or as a TV, although it’s not clear if that means it actually tilts up.

Contrary to appearances, however, the table apparently doesn’t function as a phone. Here’s hoping Hyundai will actually show it off in action once the show gets underway.

But, coolness factor aside, I am sure that not so many of us will afford to buy such a thing, this kind of multitouch tables being usually reserved for commercial use in places like museums or public information kiosks, although, as far as I go.

I would certainly love to put one of these things in my living room, even if it looks a lot like a iPhone on steroids. (via akihabaranews)