Aqua Tek S iPhone Case

Aqua Tek S iPhone Case

Posted On: February 24, 2012
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There’s a Kickstarter project being announced this week, an awesome iPhone case: it is waterproof (up to 20 feet). It has an on-board battery pack, and there is a solar charger built into the back of the case. But in spite of all that plastic, you’ll be able to the touch screen, all of the control buttons, and the camera still works. This project is the Snow Lizard Products newest case and it goes by the name AQUA TEK S.

Price: $100 (Kickstarter contributions start from $25.

Here’s what they’ve got to say about it:

The AQUA TEK S is the first ever battery powered, solar charged, rugged under water iPhone 4/4S case made with technology enthusiast and adrenaline junkies in mind. Whether you’re skiing a black diamond slope, fly fishing at your favorite lake, snorkeling an epic reef or kicking it back poolside, the AQUA TEK S can take your iPhone to places where no iPhone has gone before.

Waterproof up to 20 feet and designed to withstand drops, falls and accidental spills, the outer shell is made from tough Poly-carbonate materials with rubber grips for added protection.

We stayed away from conductive materials like aluminum and carbon fiber, though we think they are very cool, they also reduce reception. Our philosophy is to enhance the usability without degrading the performance.

The AQUA TEK S’ built in battery and solar charger gives users peace of mind about running out of power while hiking, skiing, camping and lounging. Easily charge and sync the iPhone in the AQUA TEK S by opening the thumb screw and attaching a micro USB to the connector.

Help us to get this product to market and we promise your vacation pictures and videos will never be the same. With the AQUA TEK S, your journey will be recorded while your iPhone is protected.