Christini II-Track AWD Snow Bike

Christini II-Track AWD Snow Bike

Posted On: September 1, 2020
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The winter season welcomes the release of ‘Il-Track Snow Utility Bike’ by Christini all wheel drive motorcycles, made for gliding through arctic landscapes, snow-covered cities and military operations.

Utilizing all-wheel-drive technology of the Christini AWD motorcycle platform to power both the front and rear of the machine via a patent-pending ‘front track system’, it essentially fuses the snowmobile with a motorcycle to create a nimble, versatile personal snow vehicle. the front track system even enables the Christini AWD motorcycle to be used as a year round machine grabbing traction in every condition imaginable.

The Christini system utilizes a small snow track located at the front, which is centered between the rear split ski-to-assist in flotation. The track is positioned between the front forks and driven from the front hub, which in turn is powered by the AWD drive system.

Placing versatility at the core of the design, the Philidelphia-based manufacturer has integrated the split-ski-configuration in a way that it is adjustable for various conditions–from hard packed snow, soft powder, mud, and sand. As the track is positioned at the front of the machine, it also acts as a braking system, plus an additional traction source.

The Christini ‘AWD Motorcycle’ features a standard dirt bike swing arm configuration which makes it compatible with standard snow track systems. this enables them to work in conjunction with the Christini ‘II-Track’. Existing Christini ‘AWD 450 four stroke’ or ‘300 two stroke’ motorcycle riders can even integrate the snow track system, turning their existing motorcycles into personal all-year-round vehicles.