Cute Robot SD Card

Cute Robot SD Card

Posted On: April 16, 2014
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Memory cards, they’re robots in disguise! At least, they are in this video which shows a microSD card that doesn’t just store endless photos of your cat, but instead it’s a tiny robot with a jet pack that can run, fly, swim, battle magnets, is impervious to X-rays, can bust through walls like they were made of paper AND has a parachute.

Surely it deserves its own Michael Bay movie?

Samsung have launched a brand new lineup of next gen SD and microSD cards for mobile devices and digital imaging. The new cards come in three different ranges—standard, PRO, EVO—catering for the consumer to the professional.

The newly launched cards come in three color-coded ranges for pros to norms: Standard (blue), PRO (silver) and EVO (orange) in capacities that range from 4GB to 64GB. The 64GB PRO can hold up to 670 minutes of HD video which means it’ll be able to hold a LOT of footage of your cute new cat.

As well as the storage capabilities, Samsung have designed the cards to be super durable and incredibly resistant. Not only are they waterproof and able to last up to 24 hours in seawater, but they’re also temperature proof—enduring lows of -25°C to highs of 85°C in operating mode and withstanding -40°C when not operating. Additionally they can resist up to 15,000 gauss magnetic force, bear the weight of a 1.9 ton vehicle and are adverse to X-rays. Because you never know.

The new Samsung flash cards are available to buy now.