Cyclone Vanhulsteijn Bike

Cyclone Vanhulsteijn Bike

Posted On: June 9, 2011
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Looking for an uber cool, baller bicycle to turn heads, impress the gals or to be the envy of your friends? Here is a trendy bike that is fast and at the same time will give you a comfortable ride – The Vanhulsteijn Cyclone.

Vanhulsteijn is a Dutch bicycle company that has its own team of craftsmen who create luxury bicycles with a character. The result of their combined efforts is the Cyclone. The bicycle grew out of the need to create ‘a good looking cycle’. The frame is handcrafted out of stainless steel and has an awesome curve (whoever said that curves were restricted to women needs to have their head examined).

The curve is the single most distinguishing feature of the bicycle, stretching from the saddle toward the handlebars in front and terminating at the rear wheel at the back. It appears as if the rider is floating in mid-air.

The Cyclone comes with Sturmey Archer hubs, Continental ties and a BLB crankset. The height can be adjusted to suit your style. It comes in a variety of colors and shades; you just need to take your pick and the designers at Vanhulsteijn will be ready to customize it for you.

The bicycle is cool, beyond doubt and it is clearly one of those purchases that you won’t be spending hours rationalizing about.

Clearly an indulgent one at a price tag of $2,000, this purchase will leave you feeling totally satiated, even if it means you have to save up those dimes or take a loan. The price is what you pay for the curvaceous design element and the smooth ride that comes along with it. This is not one of those bikes that are classified as luxury just because it has a huge price tag.

It is one where form marries functionality. All we can say is “Hats off to the Dutch for the trendy design!” We’re sure you’d agree that bikes are as much part of the Dutch DNA as are windmills and tulips and you can clearly tell that this bike stands apart from the rest in the crowd.

For more information, specs and images, please visit the Vanhulsteijn website.