Smartphone Data Dress

Smartphone Data Dress

Posted On: February 10, 2017
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Fashion house Ivyrevel has teamed up with Google and Mediamonks to push the boundaries of wearable technology to new limits. The trio have created the data dress: a personalized garment designed by collecting information from users via a smartphone app.

Named Coded Couture the app uses Google’s awareness API—a recent development for smarter applications. Announced at Google’s I/O developer conference last year, the new API facilitates the collection of data such as where you are, what you are doing, and even the local weather. This can now be employed by applications to react more intelligently to the current situation of every user.

Already famous for their philosophy of merging fashion with innovative technology, Swedish brand Ivyrevel’s new app uses this personal information collected by google for a seemingly alternative purpose – to create bespoke dresses.

The application tracks its user’s daily activities, and translates the information into fabric form. The result? A data-driven dress that is tailored exactly to the needs of the wearer.

By monitoring your activity over a week-long period, the coded couture design process takes specific details, such as your activity level and location. It then matches the information with couture techniques, material, silhouette and small details used in each custom-designed dress.

Warm weather? The app chooses a thinner material. moving around a lot? coded couture can propose a looser fit for your day-to-day activities. the app stays inline with current fashion by using algorithms based on trend analysis, which influence the design of each personalized dress.

‘It’s such an exciting moment. We’re about to change the fashion industry by bringing the customer’s personality into the design process through data technology. The Data Dress enables women around the world to order a dress made entirely for them, that reflects the way they live their lives,’ says Aleksandar Subosic, co-founder of Ivyrevel.

The app is still currently in its closed alpha phase. over the coming month, fashion influencers will share their own data dresses, and how their lifestyle has been captured by technology in a dress. Following the testing, the app will launch to the public later this year. The duo are aiming to sell each dress at an accessible price of $99, in line with their philosophy of turning high-tech clothing from a science-fiction dream into an affordable reality.