FLIZ, A Pedal-Less Bike Concept

FLIZ, A Pedal-Less Bike Concept

Posted On: August 31, 2012
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Ready for some next level Flintstones technology? Feast your peepers on this badboy bicycle.

FLIZ is a design concept for a pedal-less bike that the rider propels by running (video).

Finding your bicycle too conventional? In the “crazy ways to get around” class, the FLIZ pedal-less bike is certain to turn brains.

Although it’s not the most functional bike-variation I’ve seen, it has the benefit of actually working, unlike some other prototypes. I doubt it’ll catch on because, unlike on a bike, you have no gearing, but it’s still an interesting idea.

The bike frame suspends the rider above the ground so they can run with ease, a benefit that may prove useful for people with mobility problems.

Designers Tom Hambrock and Yuri Spetter drew their inspiration from the Laufmaschine, an early 1800s precursor to the bicycle.