Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar C-X75

Posted On: November 3, 2010
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4x 195hp electric motors pumping out a 780hp, the lithium-ion batteries can be recharged from your garage’s 220v outlet.

Jaguar is a name that has adorned some of the most magnificent motorcars of the past century, they’ve obviously decided that we all need a reminder about how beautiful they can make cars look when they try.

The C-X75 also has 2 x 96hp micro gas turbines, to recharge the batteries on the go if you need to go further than the 68 mile battery only range, with the turbines running on gasoline, ethanol, diesel, bourbon or whatever other combustible liquid you have lying around the car can go a total of 560 miles.

“The aim was to produce not only the most innovative but also one of the most beautiful Jaguars ever; one which hints at an exciting evolution of the marque’s award-winning design language while paying homage to some of its most admired cars of years gone by.” – Jaguar PR -

Weighing in at 2,970lbs the C-X75 can shoot from 0-62mph in just 3.4 seconds and from there onto a top speed of 205 mph. If you’d like to buy one you’ll need to be wealthy and on very good terms with Jaguar, they aren’t doing a production run on the model however we can expect to see design and engineering elements of the car in future Jaguar production cars.

Attached to each wheel is a 195bhp electric motor. These motors can drive the car on electric power, stored in a lithium-ion battery pack, for 68 miles.

When the power dies, the battery can be topped up via the mains or, more impressively, via the aforementioned gas turbines, located at the rear.

These activate in stages — first one and then the other — to provide supplemental battery power, but they can also be used to drive the wheels directly when you mash the accelerator pedal.

At full pelt, the car will complete the 0-60mph sprint in a spine-bending 3.4 seconds, go from 50-90mph in 2.3 seconds, reach a top speed of 205mph and complete a quarter-mile dash in 10.3 seconds — so it’s quicker than almost anything on four wheels.

The car’s remarkably economical, too. The gas turbines can run on just about any sort of fuel, including diesel, biofuels, compressed natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas.

Driving frugally, the C-X75 has a maximum range of 560 miles and emits a relatively paltry 28g/km of CO2, which is quite extraordinary.

Other highlights include three high-res screens for driver information, an aluminum body with swan doors, and a futuristic design that screams “I will never see a commercial release.”

So who wants one then????