Motion Synch Vacuum

Motion Synch Vacuum

Posted On: July 5, 2013
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No one likes to be awoken from their slumber, least of all a sleeping baby—but just because you’re a little infant, doesn’t mean you’re going to let the culprit get away with it. And so begins an epic chase of fast and furious proportions as a disgruntled baby in a moustache chases down a speedy and cunning Samsung Motion Sync vacuum cleaner. Justice will be served! Or, at the very least, the floor will be cleaned.

……And so plays the new, clever viral marketing campaign for the new Samsung Motion Synch vacuum. It’s a bit of marketing genius on how do you get the masses to watch a video about a vacuum cleaner and share it with their friends.

But now onto the tech stuff…..It’s easy to tell when hardwood floors are clean, but it’s not so obvious when it comes to carpets. Who knows how much dust, dirt, and debris are hidden amongst those fibers?

So instead of randomly running a vacuum over every inch of your living room, hoping it’s clean, Samsung’s new Motion Sync vac tells with an impossible to misunderstand red light/green light approach.

Using the company’s tried-and-true dust sensing technology that monitors the amount of particles being drawn into the vacuum’s storage chamber, the Motion Sync—or SC20F70 if you want to get technical—reports back the conditions under foot. If the area of the floor you’re working on is clean, you get a green light.

If it needs a few more passes, you see red—pretty straightforward.

The vacuum’s canister also benefits from a set of oversized wheels angled in at the top to prevent it from rolling over at every corner in your home. That alone could be worth the vacuum’s $800 price tag, but a feature that guarantees you don’t have to do housework a minute longer than necessary?