Nissan Juke-R: Desert Nemesis

Nissan Juke-R: Desert Nemesis

Posted On: May 3, 2012
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Street racer isn’t just the name of some 90’s video game that combines the fine arts of go karting and violence, street racers also exists IRL. And Dubai is their capital, where down at the International Marine Club all sorts of insane racing action is going on.

So buckle-up and watch GT Academy winner Lucas Ordonez taking Nissan’s badass Juke-R down there to see if he can pwn some of the most famous supercars on the planet.

Nissan has spend too much money and time on the Juke-R to just let it sit in a garage without getting some publicity out of it. So they’ve made a short film of the car in high-def, directed by award-winning film director, Rob Kaplan. It’s about Nissan Juke-R trip to Dubai, where it challenged Salah Salahuddin’s supercar collection.

Here’s a couple of teasers made around the shooting of the video to keep your engines revving.

Turns out Nissan Juke-R project was not just for funsies. By releasing “Desert Nemesis” – a short film from Juke-R’s trip to Dubai and its race against some of the world’s best supercars – Nissan confirmed they are actually going to make the bonkers car, in a limited production run of just three for now. But it’s built to order, which means if there’s more orders, they will build more.

Who thought a 545bhp, 160mph small crossover would have any chance to become a real production car? Nissan says the reaction was strong enough for them to consider making the R, and with three serious orders on the table, it was a no brainer.

The production cars will benefit from the drivetrain and chassis of the MY12 GT-R and will be delivered to their customers in late summer. Nissan does not reveal how much these customers have paid for the Juke-R. We’re guessing it was a lot.