Samsung Galaxy 580

Samsung Galaxy 580

Posted On: September 24, 2010
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The new Samsung Galaxy 580 is a cut-down micro-Android smartphone packed full of cool features.

It was launched with a very catchy online viral campaign which has created a sense of fun around the whole product.

Goodies such as a 3.2 inch touchscreen, aGPS, 3D sound, DivX video playback, fast internet access, a large battery and plenty of memory come with this smart little phone.

It’s a smart phone at a smart price!

The Samsung Galaxy Apollo I5801 is practically identical to the Samsung Galaxy 3 I5800, sometimes called the Galaxy 580. Confused? We certainly are!

But don’t let the confusion over the name bother you too much, because whatever this phone is called (and we think that Apollo is the best), it’s a good Android smartphone.

The Apollo (or Galaxy 3 or Galaxy 580, etc) is a cut-down version of the Samsung Galaxy S.

The Galaxy S is one of the top 3 phones on the market today, but it’s pricey, so a slightly cheaper version sounds like a winner.

The Apollo is thinner and shorter than the Galaxy S, although not as slim. The front face is made of metal and glass and has a quality feel, which contrasts with the plasticky back. At least the plastic helps to keep the weight down.

The big difference between the Apollo and the Galaxy S is that the outstanding Super AMOLED display on the Galaxy S has been replaced with a more mundane TFT display. Measuring 3.2 inches and with a lowly resolution of 240 x 400 pixels, it’s a bit of a step down, but it compares well enough with other phones in this price range.

The camera has also been downgraded to 3 megapixels, and with no flash that’s a bit disappointing too.

The built-in memory has also been reduced and the processor is slower. Another difference is the slightly slower internet connection (3.6 Mbps vs 7.2 Mbps), which in practice is unobservable.

The battery has the same monster 1500 mAh capacity as the Galaxy S, but because the screen is smaller, you’ll get slightly longer use from the phone between charges.

Like the Galaxy S, the Galaxy Apollo runs the Android 2.1 (Eclair) operating system, so it has access to tens of thousands of apps, many of which are free and rival the apps for the iPhone.

That’s the big selling point of the Apollo, together with the touchscreen use of use, thanks to Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 and Social Hub software.

Features such as aGPS and the Layar Reality Browser which combine the camera, compass, and GPS to identify your location and then display information on your screen make the Galaxy Apollo seem like it’s been beamed out of the future.

More everyday features such as DivX playback of movies and a built-in FM radio provide all the entertainment you need on the move.

The price you pay for ‘small’ is a loss in features that bigger phones can off, but you can’t deny that this new offering pretty much does everything you need it to!