Skybot Attack

Skybot Attack

Posted On: September 20, 2010
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Robots that can fight are brilliant on their own. But what about remote control robots that can fight in the air?

Not good enough?

Okay, remote control robots that can fight in the air and fire lasers at each other, good enough for you yet?

Well, the kind of gadget you have previously dreamed about is here and ready to play.

Infra red lasers fire from their chests and if you can score a direct hit, the opposing robot will be temporarily frozen and will fall to the ground, no doubt plotting his robot based revenge to shortly follow.

These remote control bad boys are too much fun and at less than £50 make for a great Christmas gadget to give a child or adult who has not quite grown up!

Take to the skies and do battle with the great Skybot Attack set. This blistering battle set contains two flying robots armed with infra-red cannons with which they will try to shoot down their adversary.

Taking flying toys to a more competitive level these Skybots are perfectly suited to indoor combat.

Their lightweight frames are hoisted easily into the air by the twin rotors located on their shoulders, whilst a third rotor on the rear to enable them to turn.

Their laser cannons are mounted in their torsos, and upon a direct hit the opponents rotors will stop momentarily, forcing them into a deadly spiral towards the ground.

The Skybots each have internal re-chargeable batteries which charge direct from the controllers in about 20 minutes, giving a flight time of about 10 minutes.

Easy to get the hang of you’ll be circling your opponent firing off infra-red blasts like a pro in no time.

Of course although lightweight enough to enable flight, the Skybots are also durable enough to withstand the odd crash landing after a direct hit.

Get your fighting bots now. Only £49.95 from