Posted On: September 1, 2015
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Smarthalo by Cyclelabs Montreal is a biking device centered around urban cyclists. Its military grade locking system ensures it stays permanently on the handlebar to assist the rider when they need it. The intuitive navigation system shows the quickest, safest routes to the destination.

Using bluetooth technology to connect to smartphones, its automatic tracking capabilities save biking metrics seamlessly. The powerful front light illuminates the path at night, and also keeps the bike safe from thieves when the rider is not around.

It’s design philosophy hinges on simplicity. Biking in cities can be a challenge, so Cyclelabs made sure the device was simple by reducing the interface to a circle. Built for any kind of weather, the Smarthalo installs permanently on the bike making sure it doesn’t get stole.

Being versatile, it also fits on any handlebar and includes sensors to detect suitable light conditions making sure its visible in bright sunlight and at night.

The companion app for the smartphone tracks extensive metrics and sets goals. The data is visualized using effective info-graphs, and a color coded layout makes operating the app simple and easy. The most fitting feature of the ‘smarthalo’ is the unlocking system that doesn’t require a smartphone at all.

The touch sensitive display enables finger tapping, where riders can create custom tap codes, similar to morse code, making it virtually uncrackable. the cyclelabs Smarthalo is looking for funding with a Kickstarter campaign and plan to ship to customers in May, 2016.