Sony VAIO P Series

Sony VAIO P Series

Posted On: September 24, 2010
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A stunning piece of design in so many ways, the all-new P Series offers something completely different to all other laptops.

Elegant from every angle with a smooth flat top and rounded corners, the VAIO P-series is a true travel companion that looks good by your side wherever you go.

Ingeniously styled with sleek lines and an ultra-thin profile, the VAIO P-series is slim enough to be picked up and carried with one hand.

It is even small enough to fit into your jacket pocket. And wherever life takes you, it’s always a pleasure to carry it as it weights light.

The VAIO P-series comes in bold colors with a pearlescent finish that shimmers in the light.

It is designed to maximize style and performance. With its large full size keyboard, the VAIO P-series lets you type easily with both hands.

It has been precisely designed for comfort and control with carefully spaced keys, perfect typing stroke, and stick pointer.

With the VAIO P-series, all your photos and videos are displayed in vivid color. As intense and realistic as the day you took them.

Does the Vaio P-series punch above its weight? Or is it all fur coat and no knickers?

For the laptop aesthete at least, the design of the ‘just larger than a standard office envelope’-sized Vaio P-series has already seduced you, even before you have removed the cheeky-looking little business toy from its leather and suede pouch.

Cost of said animal-skin laptop cover? £89.99 extra. Ouch!

The P-series makes working on the train an actual joy. No need for clumsy laptops to take up the limited table space and annoy your neighbours.

When you pull the mini Vaio out of your man-bag, all you receive are snatched glares of pure, bilious-green gadget-envy. Oh yes!

To the average Joe in PC World, the P-series’ price tag of £850 will seem nothing less than astronomical.

And while that’s not the target market, it’s certainly going to confuse a number of Vaio fans and loyal fanboys (it’s $899 in the US, when did we hit ‘parity’ with the dollar?).

With the ongoing financial crisis, that’s a firm, no-nonsense slap in the face from Sony, isn’t it?