Squito™ Throwable 360° Panoramic Camera

Squito™ Throwable ...


Get ready to get your wallet out! A Boston-based designer has created a throwable device fitted with three panoramic cameras.

Flipbook Animation Camera

Flipbook Animation C...


Here’s an interesting concept! Jiho Jang, a student, has come up with Polaroid-like instant camera, dubbed GIFTY

Memoto Lifelogging Camera

Memoto Lifelogging C...


The Memoto camera is a tiny camera and GPS that you clip on and wear. It’s an entirely new kind of digital camera with no ...

The Amazing Spider-Man Adventure

The Amazing Spider-M...


This summer sees the release of The Amazing Spider-Man blockbuster – as I’m sure you’re all very aware.

Nikon’s Point & Shoot Pro

Nikon’s Point ...


The P7000 is also quite nakedly, um, inspired by the Canon G-series pro point-and-shoots it's competing against.