FLIZ, A Pedal-Less Bike Concept

FLIZ, A Pedal-Less B...


Ready for some next level Flintstones technology? Feast your peepers on this badboy bicycle.

Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept

Alfa Romeo 12C GTS C...


Anyone who is fanatically up to date with their Corvette-based sports cars will have heard of the name Ugur Sahin.

VW Moog

VW Moog...


A vehicle inspired by electronic music which suggests the visual & audible language electric vehicles might have in the near future.

Razer Switchblade

Razer Switchblade...


The Razer Switchblade is turning heads and making people rethink what "PC gaming" means. Prepare for NERDCORE!

Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar C-X75...


4x 195hp electric motors pumping out a 780hp, the lithium-ion batteries can be recharged from your garage’s 220v outlet.

70-inch Multitouch Table

70-inch Multitouch T...


If Microsoft's Surface computing platform sounded cool then you will love this 70 inch multitouch table concept by Hyundai IT.