Akatu Fake Shower

Akatu Fake Shower...


Ladies and gents! Do you get horribly embarrassed about the noises you make when you go to the bathroom?

HTC Mini – Butterfly’s remote control & handset

HTC Mini – But...


HTC doesn’t have a smartwatch like the Pebble, but it does have the HTC Mini, an NFC-equipped remote control and handset accessory

Aqua Tek S iPhone Case

Aqua Tek S iPhone Ca...


There’s a Kickstarter project being announced this week, an awesome iPhone case: it is waterproof (up to 20 feet).

Glastonbury Festival: The App

Glastonbury Festival...


If you love listening to live music, there's really no better place to do that than in a field in the British countryside.

Samsung Galaxy Player 50

Samsung Galaxy Playe...


Launched with a very amusing & quirky viral campaign the Galaxy Player 50 is set to steal the Android crown!

Samsung Galaxy 580

Samsung Galaxy 580...


The new Samsung Galaxy 580 is a cut-down micro-Android smartphone packed full of cool features.