Ultra-Compact Chainless Bicycle: Bicymple

Ultra-Compact Chainless Bicycle: Bicymple

Posted On: October 10, 2012
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With all of the varieties of bike design these days, there really aren’t that many that are really and truly different.
Most of the designs seem to stick to the same tried and true variations on diamond-shaped frames and standard drivetrains, with most of the difference between them being the quality of the materials and machining used or the color schemes offered.

But a new bike concept takes a radical departure from the norm, and instead of the usual futuristic design, gives us something more akin to a velocipede than what you’d expect to see in a bike store.

The folks behind the bicymple, Scalyfish Designs, began with this thought:

“Is it possible to evolve from the established bicycle design while adhering to the basic principles of simplicity, functionality, style, and excitement?”

And with a look at the bicymple, it seems they have been able to answer yes to that question, in a big way. Designed and built by Josh Bechtel in Bellingham, WA, USA, the bicymple is a direct-drive, ultra-compact bike with a bit of a twist to it. Not only is this simplified bike built around a minimalist frame and a short wheelbase, but that frame is also capable of turning the bicymple into a swing-bike. Riding with the rear-steering option allows for some fun variations on riding, and enables tighter turns and maneuvering.

The bicymple uses a freewheeling hub in the rear wheel, directly connected to the crank arms, a disc brake up front, and runs on 29? wheels. According to the site, the compact design “makes it effortless to get in and out of tight spaces and easily squeezes into stairwells, hallways, fire escapes, nooks, and crannies”, a big plus for city riding.