VW Moog

VW Moog

Posted On: February 8, 2011
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A vehicle inspired by electronic music which suggests the visual & audible language electric vehicles might have in the near future.

The Moog suggests how the future electric Volkswagen might sound like in the near future.

Not only through the sounds it produces, but also what its shapes and textures suggest. As electric vehicles take over as the standard vehicle for the masses there is an opportunity to create sounds different from those we’ve heard from vehicles in the past.

It’s a chance to stimulate our cityscapes with something more expressive.

The Moog is a vehicle inspired by electronic music, more specifically minimal techno. It is a blend between Volkswagen’s brand philosophies and the characteristics of electronic music.

The vehicle also touches on the historic path that electronic music took and to achieve a successful result, a mixture of recognizable and alien elements need to stand out as strong themes for the vehicle.

The unique layer of noise underlying electronic music is represented by a random placement of fractals that run underneath the vehicle. Like bass in a song, some elements are poking out into the exterior.

These fractals would also capture the noise and vibration from the road and convert them into energy that can assist with the onboard electronics.

The unique sound this electric vehicle makes sound leak out through the wheels.

The concept is a mixture between the recognizable and the alien.