Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector

Portable Ultra Short...


Sony's Portable Ultra Shrot Throw Projector is capable of throwing a 22" to 80" image onto walls, tables, or any other adjacent surface.

AirBar Sensor

AirBar Sensor...


A lot of laptops these days are moving toward having a touch screens. It's nice to have that functionality for certain tasks

Parrot DISCO

Parrot DISCO...


Disco is a fascinating project: a fast, smart, ultra-light drone with around 45 minutes of flight time.

STIKBOX iPhone Case

STIKBOX iPhone Case...


STIKBOX is the first full-length selfie stick built into a smartphone case.

Glyph Personal Movie Theater

Glyph Personal Movie...


After a very successful kickstarter campaign, technology company avegant is ready to ship the final design of their flagship media gear – ‘Glyph’.

The Moley Robotic Kitchen

The Moley Robotic Ki...


Startup company Moley, has created a robotic kitchen featuring an advanced, fully functional robot

GeoOrbtial Electric Bike Wheel

GeoOrbtial Electric ...


GeoOrbtial Electric Bike Wheel is a wheel with no center – it “orbits” around an empty area, rather than spin as a result of being ...

Tech Tats

Tech Tats...


Chaotic Moon is working on a wearable platform where everyday in which users don’t have to make an active decision to put it on.

Table Air

Table Air...


Table Air utilizes integrated smart sensor to alter desk height.

Hands-free Wheelchair

Hands-free Wheelchai...


A Segway rebuilt into a hands-free electric wheelchair with a top speed of 20km per hour is on the verge of mass production. The ...




HiddenHUB is the only sound system that adapts the audio to the shape of your room.

Light Painting With A Car

Light Painting With ...


Light painting is a photographic technique where, well, you paint with light. It generally means waving a light source about

Robohon — A Robot Smartphone

Robohon — A Robot ...


Japanese electronics company Sharp has launched a very different type of phone. The Robohon is actually a robot with smartphone functionality.

Balight LED Bike Wheels

Balight LED Bike Whe...


Balight integrates the most desired biking related components into a single device, including a customizable wheel display,

Rhei Liquid Clock

Rhei Liquid Clock...


Rhei is a prototype of an electro-mechanical clock with a liquid display, and the result of a one-year long passion project, created by Damjan Stanković, ...