Cycle Smart Camera

Cycle Smart Camera...


While cycling remains as a very popular pastime, it has also grown into a preferred mode of transportation among teenagers and young adults

fUCI Concept Bike

fUCI Concept Bike...


Have you ever wondered why you don't see things like recumbents in the Tour de France bike event?

Volata Smart Bicycle

Volata Smart Bicycle...


Volata is the ultimate evolution of the bicycle and the first in its category.

Waverly Labs ‘Pilot’

Waverly Labs ‘...


They’ve long been a staple of science fiction, from Star Trek‘s universal translators to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy‘s Babelfish.

Nintendo Classic Mini

Nintendo Classic Min...


Bring back memories and make brand new ones with Nintendo's ultimate retro gaming experience, launching 11th November!

Wearable For Plants

Wearable For Plants...


The world's first wearable technology for plants means you can see and hear your plants communicate.

Audio Shades

Audio Shades...


Zungle sunglasses use bone induction audio playback to double as headphones.

Xbox One S

Xbox One S...


At gaming conference E3 2016, Microsoft unveiled a new member of their gaming console family – the Xbox One S

Ehang 184 Taxi Drone

Ehang 184 Taxi Drone...


The idea of personalized air travel aboard autonomous flying taxis sounds like a pretty fanciful transport concept

Samsung Gear Fit2

Samsung Gear Fit2...


The appetite for beautifully designed, yet practical and smart wearable devices is growing globally

3D Printed Motorcycle

3D Printed Motorcycl...


What happens, when aerospace-specialist develop a motorcycle instead of calculating spaceship-engines?

Table Tennis Trainer

Table Tennis Trainer...


Thomas Mayer’s ping pong table delivers realtime data visualizations for trainers and players.

Puma Beatbot

Puma Beatbot...


The PUMA BeatBot is a programmable, self-driving, line-following robot

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Dyson Supersonic Hai...


After five years of development, Dyson designs silent supersonic hair dryer.

Magic Instruments

Magic Instruments...


Magic Instruments have created a new type of guitar you can play in minutes.